How to econometric analysis with Stata


How to implement descriptive and linear regression analysis


Bekhzod Egamberdiev

Target group

Consulting companies, Data analytical companies, researchers

Language of instruction


Previous knowledge

Basic Statistics

Course objectives/

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the course you will be able to:

·         Recognize the significance of econometrics

·         Determine different techniques in linear analysis

·         Categorize types of tests for causality analysis

·         Implement regression analysis


This course is aimed for those who are doing research, data analytical activities. The main objective of the course is to provide a basic knowledge in descriptive statistics and causality studies. All classes are based on STATA commands. Moreover, the course covers main descriptive and normality studies including types of tests.

Related assumptions and test differences are provided with the help of Stata commands. Students taking this course will be able to differentiate types of tests. In addition to this, students learn related assumptions and situations how to apply empirical tests.   

Indicative content

·      Introduction to econometrics (2 hours).

·      Descriptive studies and types of data (2 hours).

·      Inferential studies (4 hours)

·      Regression analysis (4 hours).

·      Assumptions of regression analysis (3 hours)

Methods and Media

·      Interactive lectures and seminars with use of real life examples.

·      PPP presentations.

·      Case studies.

Max. number of participants



15 hours



THE CACTLE ROOM at WIUT, ATB Blue Room or IB208 (Lab room)


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