Topic Human Resources Management
Title How to develop strong workforce to achieve business goals?
Sub-title   How to recruit and motivate employees in small enterprises?
Trainer Iroda Komilova
Target group Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses
Language of instruction English/Russian/Uzbek
Previous knowledge No
Course objectives/ Learning Outcomes After the completion of the course you will be able to: ·         Recognize importance of Human Resources in success of an enterprise. ·         Identify the ways how to build an entrepreneur’s team – hiring the right employees; ·         Understand how to motivate and reward staff. ·         Distinguish between the role of a manager and the characteristics of a leader. ·         Understand key concepts of corporate culture and how to create an organizational culture that encourages entrepreneurial work. ·         Identify the nature of conflict and evaluate response methods.
Description Small enterprises contribute a greater percentage to GDP in ensuring economic growth, employment, income stability and poverty reduction in most developing countries like Uzbekistan. Human resources in every enterprise including small businesses play an important role in achieving their goals. Furthermore, the survival of every enterprise is dependent on the effective management of human resources. In the process of selection and recruitment small enterprises need to make sure that right people are on the right place at the right time. The motivated workforce, the loyal and more productive the staff. It is especially true for small businesses where there is a limited number of staff compared to large corporations.
Indicative content ·      Recruitment (2 hours). ·      Motivating employees (4 hours). ·      Incentives (2 hours) ·      Conflict management (4 hours). ·      Corporate culture (3 hours)
Methods and Media ·      Interactive lectures and seminars with use of real life examples. ·      PPP presentations. ·      Case studies.
Max. number of participants 20
Duration 15 hours  
Location THE CACTLE ROOM at WIUT, ATB Blue Room or IB101
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