Topic Operations Management
Title How to implement operational strategies in organizational performances
Sub-title How to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational performance.
Trainer Bekhzod Egamberdiev
Target group Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses
Language of instruction English/Russian/Uzbek
Previous knowledge No
Course objectives/ Learning Outcomes After the completion of the course you will be able to: ·         Recognize the significance of operational strategies. ·         Determine different strategic techniques in decision makings; ·         Categorize different strategies to increase the performance efficiency and effectiveness. ·         Understand consequences of operational strategies. ·         Determine efficiency development criteria.
Description Operations management plays a significant role in the establishment of entrepreneurial activities. Operational decisions are directly linked with the development of marketing and financial strategies. Efficiency and effectiveness of the performance are derived from operational excellence. Operations management should deal with related factors connected with performance indicators and resource utilizations.
Indicative content ·      Efficiency (2 hours). ·      KPI (2 hours). ·      Strategies (4 hours) ·      Operational excellence (4 hours). ·      Efficiency practices in companies (3 hours)
Methods and Media ·      Interactive lectures and seminars with use of real life examples. ·      PPP presentations. ·      Case studies.
Max. number of participants 20
Duration 15 hours  
Location THE CACTLE ROOM at WIUT, ATB Blue Room or IB101
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