Human Resources Management


The score and importance of personnel management


How to reduce and solve problems in the field of personnel management



Target group

Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses

Previous knowledge


Course objectives/

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the course you will be able to:

·         Recognize importance of Human Resources in success of an enterprise

·         Understand the features of personnel management

·         Differing strategies for personnel management in organizations

·         Understand objectives, benefits and limitations of manpower planning

·         Understand how to motivate and reward staff

·         Identify the nature of conflict and evaluate response methods Understand key concepts of corporate culture and how to create an organizational culture that encourages entrepreneurial work

·         Distinguish the importance of innovations in personnel management


Improvement of knowledge in the field of management, as well as skills to effectively apply them in practice, is one of the most important requirements for managers. Most managers – no matter what organizational talents they have – need help, which enabled them to refine their ability to develop potential opportunities and improve the quality of their subordinates.

Personal success of a manager is determined not only by his knowledge, abilities and attitude to work, but also by the fact that his subordinates know how to work. The work of the team plays a decisive role in assessing the success of the manager.

Human management is the foundation for effective management of any organization. Experience gained in this area by many successful companies requires careful study, understanding and use in modern conditions.

Indicative content

·      Recruitment (2 hours).

·      Motivating employees (4 hours).

·      Incentives (2 hours)

·      Conflict management (2 hours).

·      Corporate culture (4 hours)

Methods and Media

·      Interactive lectures and seminars with use of real life examples.

·      PPP presentations.

·      Case studies.

Max. number of participants



2 days (14 hours )



THE CACTLE at FSU, Building #7, room #1


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